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The Word Farm

Welcome to the Word Farm, a complete copywriting service, where you'll find all your optimised content requirements in one place. Develop your brand reputation, nurture loyalty and drive your business sales. Sounds good? Read on.

We believe that all content should pop!

Content should mirror your brand. We are committed to creating content that actually converts into enquiries, sales, and loyalty.


Quite simply, we’re experts in words, and know how to balance functional and practical information with complete inspiration.


Whatever your project requirements - whether it’s a simple creative tagline or oodles of product descriptions  - we are here to support you with all your copywriting needs. No job is too small for us!


We write to the relevant platform, from inspiring key messaging for a fresh marketing campaign, to content fully optimised for search engines (SEO) for your company blog.


Our experienced content crew are trained to the highest standards with a fail-safe editorial process, from the initial idea development and content scheduling, all the way to the final proofing.

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Our Content Services

Blog Writing Service

Perhaps you don’t have the team in place to write and develop a high output of regular blog articles and you’re missing a trick against your competition?


We’ll develop a content plan based around your business goals, and deliver fabulous content to schedule, writing to your existing brand and style guidelines, so that the voice sounds like yours.


We are also happy to upload content straight into your internal content management systems (CMS).

Social Media Content Service

Perhaps you are so busy running your business that you simply don’t have the skills, time or headspace to run engaging social media for your business? Again, that’s where we come in.


We can write the occasional inspiring post for a big campaign. Or, we can run your entire social media account for you, writing scheduled, impactful posts, connecting and engaging with relevant influencers. We'll always ensure healthy online conversations about your brand.


Multilingual Mass Content

We’re great at writing mass amounts of high-quality copy, whether that’s PPC ad copy, product descriptions, or an in-depth company report to get your brand heard.

If you require content in multiple languages, we can provide a translation service.


Editing & Proofing Services

You might have written some copy that you feel needs some added sparkle, and some eagle eyes on it too!

We can help you with our editing and proofreading services. Who doesn't love an extra pair of eyes?

Copywriting, Your Way

Content for Every Audience

Our copywriting services don’t just need to be for the public eye - we offer content support for both internal and external communications, and B2B business.

Integrated Content Plans

One of the areas in which we shine is developing a comprehensive, integrated content plan. This means consistent key messages pop up at just the right time on your customers’ journey.


Your content should promote consistency across all your channels, including your website, blog, social media, email marketing, and conversations with your customers.

Content Support to Suit You

All our clients are different - you might prefer a real hands-on approach and direct the content, or you might want us to run with it. Either way works for us. We like to make your life easy, and can work directly with you, your in-house team, or marketing agency.

Open Textbook in Library

At Sublime magazine, we have always been delighted with the 'must-read' quality and freshness of Jen's writing. She is evidently someone who is infinitely curious about the world and those who inhabit it, and inhabit it with purpose. Her writing has colour and immediacy, and it takes you by the hand and says, 'Come with me and share this trip I've just been on! You'll love it'. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.

Jenny Page, Sublime Magazine

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