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The Print Shed

Welcome to the Print Shed, a world dedicated to contract publishing in all its glory. With years of experience in developing engaging magazines for our clients, if you’re looking for a publication that converts into solid business leads and enquiries, then, you’ve come to the right place.

We love publishing.


You might be wondering what contract publishing is, and how it can help with your brand.


Quite simply, contract publishing is the production of complete print and digital communications, from e-books and luxurious glossy print magazines, to interactive videos.


Contract publishing can be used for both B2B and B2C customers, and staff titles.


If you’re new to contract publishing, you may be tempted to work with some of the big names in contract publishing, who use their heavyweight consumer magazine brands that are on the newstands as leverage. We have no qualms in competing with the bigwigs.


The difference with us is that we are incredible value for money and provide a far more personalised and innovative approach. We offer so much more than a simple magazine production service.

What’s more, we are free of the usual agency babble that requires deep pockets. Just ask our existing clients. ​

Contract Publishing, Done Differently
Printing Process Madhatter Contract Publishing
Digital Reading

Digital Contract Publishing

Our digital contract publishing services, including e-magazines and industry-leading reports, are a particularly strong way to drive online business leads.


This is especially true of gated content, which is when your audience needs to sign up to download or view the publication.


Digital publishing is much more quantifiable.


You can easily track conversions and identify content that hits the mark so that we can quickly hone in on the right strategy for you.

Print Publishing

Imagine your target audience waking up to an inspiring magazine on their doorstep, tailored to their interests?


There’s nothing quite as lovely as sitting down with a brew to be inspired while turning pages of real paper.


Print publishing develops brand loyalty and engages customers in the real world. WIth the right strategy, this can develop into immediate sales.


Plus, the reach of print publishing can really go far - it’s ideal if you’re trying to grow your audience and venture into a new space.

For our physical print products, we have a fantastic global network of printers and distribution that operate responsibly, so that your print contract publishing is backed with environmental consideration, from sustainable paper and printing methods, to managing return rates in order to minimize waste.

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Business Owner

Contract Publishing, Your Way

Publishing from Start to Finish

With our own in-house creative team, we can completely fulfill your contract publishing needs, from ideation and initial creative concepts to final design, production, and distribution, that fully reflects your brand ethos.


Whether you’re looking for a one-off publication or an ongoing and regular issue, we can help.


With our years of experience, we will guide you through the entire publishing process, from creating the flatplan to developing your brand image and tone of voice (ToV).

Partnership Engagement

We can identify and forge supportive partnerships and sponsorships that will spread your brand and messages even further afield, and help support production costs.

Affordable Publishing Solutions Tailored to You

Digital or print publishing, we will advise you on what will work for your project based on your goals and your budget.


We often find that a combination of both digital and print is best.


If you’re ready to shake the world with your own client magazine or industry report that really stands out, then reach out to us today.

Madhatter Creative Co. makes things happen. Jen is a brilliant writer and editor and extremely knowledgeable on everything related to environment, sustainable and green living, distilling complex concepts down to become relatable and accessible for everyone.

Clare Saxon Ghauri, Commonwealth Secretariat

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