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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make it as easy for you to work with us as possible. Browse through or search our FAQs below, and let's seal the deal together.

  • Who is the Madhatter?
    Madhatter is not just one person. We’re a network of creative freelance individuals from across the world. We have done all the legwork in finding tried, tested and trusted individuals who are specialist experts in their field, so you don’t have to slog around.
  • Where is Madhatter Creative Co. based?
    We are based in the sustainable community of Tornagrain, in the Scottish Highlands. Rest assured, we have a truly global presence and boast years of experience remotely working with clients all over the world! We understand the need to deliver international communications both online and offline. Our global team brings cultural understanding and multilingual support to appropriately and effectively communicate your brand.
  • How exactly does the single point of contact concept work?
    We realise that for our clients it’s so much easier to have one person to rely on than a whole team of people to navigate. We guarantee that it’s always one individual you communicate with at Madhatter, who acts as your personal project manager and bridges the communications with all the other creatives required to fulfill your needs.
  • Are you a 9 to 5 business?
    Sorry Dolly Parton, we’re not. We appreciate that not all of our clients are in an office from 9 to 5, and so our work hours are always based around our clients. We are dedicated to meeting deadlines while still ensuring we provide fair and flexible working hours for all our creatives.
  • Isn’t sustainable communications just greenwash?
    When done properly, absolutely not. We will help you identify the right sustainability practices, policies and engagement for your business, including the social, environmental and economic factors. We make it fun; we won’t once bore you with talk of recycling, promise. It's time to cut out the eco clichés once and for all!
  • Do you provide Public Relations (PR) support?
    Strictly speaking, we don’t provide a full PR service, however we will support you with writing press releases and pointing you in the right direction should you wish to liaise with the media yourself or if you are looking for a larger sustainable PR agency. While we do have great links with the media, we believe that traditional PR is just one of many ways to drive sales and brand loyalty - and we have other ideas up our sleeves.
  • Do you provide film and video production services?
    Yes, we can support you with both on-site filming and post-production through our very good friends over at Eyebolls, an Edinburgh-based production studio with a passion for storytelling in live-action, animation and photography.
  • We want to improve our customer relations. Can you help us with that?
    Definitely! The first step in good communications is ensuring you understand your customers. Our years of experience ensure we can help you improve repeat and referral sales through better relationship management and smart customer segregation.
  • How do you price your services?
    We have a sliding scale based on the type of services you require, such as content or consultancy services, and charge on an hourly or day rate based on the project. We’re experienced in costing up projects based on time and resources. Our proposal to you always includes an estimated cost in advance, without any hidden fees or extras, and we use a time tracker in order to accurately invoice for projects based on hourly or day rates. We believe in transparency, and so we always aim to provide you with a breakdown of our fees.
  • How does payment work?
    For ongoing projects across several months, we invoice on a monthly basis or at key milestones, as agreed in advance. Payment terms are 10 business days from our invoice date, unless specifically requested otherwise. We always spell out our services with a contract, and ask that you cancel any agreements in writing with 15 days notice. Any monies received will not be reimbursed, and any completed and delivered work must be paid for.
  • We have next to no budget but know that we need some marketing and communications support. What should we do?
    Talk to us! Even an hour or two of our time can make all the difference to your business. One of the things that we do well is provide you with templates and tools that your in-house team can use and adapt. We also believe in the sharing economy and are open to bartering exchanges.
  • We’re a small charitable organisation, and we haven’t secured funding yet but need a proposal. Can you help us?"
    Absolutely! We understand the chicken and egg situation too. Even if you haven’t yet secured your funding, we can offer you a proposal and rough plan to help your funding efforts. We particularly love working with charitable organisations, social enterprises and community associations, so do reach out.
  • How do you guarantee availability and deadlines?
    Because we’re a network of creatives, we can usually meet requirements. We are always upfront about whether we have availability to support you with your project, and will propose timeframes and deadlines based on our capacity. Once a project is confirmed then we will provide you with an estimated delivery and/or agreed key milestone roadmap.
  • How do you measure impact?
    We are passionate about great service, committed to continual learning, and always keen to know how we can improve. At every milestone of each project we’ll ask you a simple question: Are you happy? For online campaigns we use analytical tools to track and share success, when requested in advance. We can also initiate qualitative and quantitative surveys to fetch valuable feedback about all offline marketing and communications.
  • Can you help us with a very hush hush project?
    Of course. We are very discreet and always happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements in advance of initial discussions.
  • Do you have liability insurance?
    Yes! We have public liability insurance cover for up to £5,000,000, and professional indemnity cover up to £2,000,000.
  • Can you work directly with the existing software we have?
    Absolutely, we are familiar with a wide range of softwares and quick to adapt to new ones. We can manage your content for you whether your Content Management System (CMS) is hosted on Wordpress, WIX, or your own developed platform. To communicate and share resources, we’re used to working with Google Workspace, Teams, Zoom, and Slack. Plus we’re a dab hand at Buzzstream and Hootsuite (to name but a few) for managing all your link building and social media. When it comes to relationship management, we know our CRM systems, from Hubspot, Freshbooks and Zoho, to Pipeline Deals and Pipedrive.
  • How do you ensure content is optimised for search engines like Google?
    SEO is an artform and something we do well for our clients. We always stay on top of search engine changes and the latest best practice. At times, in order to maximise success, we may recommend making improvements to your Content Management System (CMS), so that we can do the best job for you.
  • We need content in several languages. Do you offer translation services?
    We sure do. We have an ever-expanding number of bilingual individuals in our network, who can support you with creative copy in many languages. As of today, we can offer fabulous content and copywriting in English, German, Spanish, and Hindi.
  • Who owns the copyright to any content created by Madhatter?
    All Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), including content and concepts, are transferred to you once shared. Where possible, we ask to be credited.
  • Should our communications be digital or print? Isn’t print really expensive and bad for the planet?
    We intimately know the pros and cons of both digital and print publications. Once we’ve had a chat to better understand your goals and target audience, we can advise you accordingly. In a world of digital, print can be a cost-effective and powerful way to get your message across, and we will recommend environmental printing solutions and distribution methods.

Jen at Madhatter Creative Co. is one of the most connected green people that I know. She is always a pleasure to work with - she is smart, connected, knowledgeable about sustainability issues, creative, and she comes up with great ideas.

Anna Guyer, Founder, Greenhouse PR

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